Portfolio: Technology



Coffitivity.com streams the ambient sounds from a coffee shop right to our users’ desktop or mobile device. After reading research from the Journal of Consumer Research, the Coffitivity team identified a need for remote access to ambient sound that is proven to be conducive to creative cognition. With that, Coffitivity was born! Featured in Popular Science, Mashable, The Next Web, Life Hacker, and Hacker News. Visit Coffitivity.com to try it out and read more.



Lumiary is a unique online marketing tool that solves a common problem for independent merchants. You have a great product, but how do you get the word out? You know that digital advertising is critical for expanding your footprint, but you don’t have hours to dedicate to learning and managing complex campaigns. Enter Lumiary.

Our technology platform syncs with your existing e-commerce platform and social networks to create, optimize and manage SEO, social, and display campaigns…leaving you to focus on your brand.