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We grow companies.



Assess Viability

Rapid analysis of the addressable market, unique value proposition (“UVP”), key success drivers, competitive positioning, required resources, and distribution/sales channels occurs over a four- to eight-week period leading to a “fast fail” or plan for launch. Insights are enhanced through the proprietary, real-world data and experience available through the 80amps network.


Build Teams

Every venture requires a strong team to maximize the likelihood of success. Whether a new business comes with a pre-existing team, or arrives alone with only a concept, 80amps provides a full range of assistance with human resources—from consulting and coaching to providing leadership from our extensive network of recent alum and seasoned professionals.


Provide Resources

From legal advice to a PR plan—from setting up financials to building a brand—80amps team members and mentors have the experience and resources to help get a business off the ground. And, if the time comes to raise additional funding, 80amps’ network of over 500 capital sources gets the process started quickly.